Return to the Past: A Code Lyoko Retrospective

Remember Code Lyoko? That show with the foreheads? The one you used to half-watch while you waited for Teen Titans to come on? The RTTP crew remembers. Join Mary, Ben, and David as we discuss this dorky, cheesy, weirdly touching, occasionally brilliant, underrated relic of early noughties kid culture. Bring your skateboard, y’hear? Follow us on Twitter at @rttppodcast, or send us your feedback at! Cover art by Ingram. Find more of their work at or @ingramcomix. Opening: "Un Monde Sans Danger" by Noam Kaniel Outro: "S'Envoler" (Generique Fin) by The Subdigitals, Franck Keller, and Ygal Amar
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Return to the Past: A Code Lyoko Retrospective

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Jul 8, 2017

NOTE: There will be no new episode this Friday, as we are all taking a bit of a break. Tune in the Friday after for Killer Music!

If your longtime crush had suddenly lost his memory and you were responsible for his care, what would YOU think is the right thing to do? If your answer is "take this awesome opportunity to make him mine", then congratulations, you've followed Sissi's line of logic.

Join Mary, David and Ben as we try to make sense of this show's again tenuous grip on realistic science - and have a bit of fun along the way. Do you want to see a bunch of shrunken-down Warriors riding Kiwi to victory? We do, and so should you. 

Click here to find out about scenes removed from CL episodes! (NSFW warning)

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Cover art by the very skilled Ingram! Find their work at @ingramcomix or

Opener: "Un Monde Sans Danger" by Franck Keller and Ygal Amar
Outro: "S'envoler" by Herman Martin, Serge Tavitan, and The Subdigitals