Return to the Past: A Code Lyoko Retrospective

Remember Code Lyoko? That show with the foreheads? The one you used to half-watch while you waited for Teen Titans to come on? The RTTP crew remembers. Join Mary, Ben, and David as we discuss this dorky, cheesy, weirdly touching, occasionally brilliant, underrated relic of early noughties kid culture. Bring your skateboard, y’hear? Follow us on Twitter at @rttppodcast, or send us your feedback at! Cover art by Ingram. Find more of their work at or @ingramcomix. Opening: "Un Monde Sans Danger" by Noam Kaniel Outro: "S'Envoler" (Generique Fin) by The Subdigitals, Franck Keller, and Ygal Amar
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Return to the Past: A Code Lyoko Retrospective

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Apr 19, 2017

In this episode, XANA completely blindsides the entire Lyoko Gang by attempting to impersonate a human being and doing remarkably poor work of it, despite completely fooling the group up until the very last moment. But then, why does he drive an emotional wedge in the group in the first place, when he could do so many more destructive things? Is XANA a cold and calculating being, always trying new plans when the old ones don't work, or is he angry and vengeful, forever trying to hurt the Warriors? Or is he just a dumb computer program? The answer unfortunately is that it's really inconsistent and we just don't know. 

Anyway, here's Image Problem, the episode where a Yumi clone tries to get her mack on with Jeremie and also some other stuff happens! (And it's the first writing credit for Mary's personal hero for this series, Bruno Regeste.) We'd also like to welcome you to our auxiliary podcast-within-a-podcast, Return to the Gotta Blast - An Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Retrospective. 

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Cover art by the very skilled Ingram! Find their work at @ingramcomix or

Opener: "Un Monde Sans Danger" by Franck Keller and Ygal Amar
Outro: "S'envoler" by Herman Martin, Serge Tavitan, and The Subdigitals